I’m Kassy Laborie. Let's Connect, Engage, & Thrive Online.

I’m Kassy Laborie.
Let's Connect, Engage,
& Thrive Online.

Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Author, and Virtual Training Pioneer.

Kassy Speaks

What would you think if I told you that being online is equal to—and in some cases better than—being in person?

People often believe that real connection, collaboration, innovation, and a sense of belonging cannot truly be created or fostered in an online or remote work setting. But that framework is incorrect. 

You have the power to make connecting online IRRESISTIBLE. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be a “less than” experience. Online meetings can be better than in-person! 

Let’s dig in and learn to create meaningful, authentic connections and conversations online. 

Featured Keynote:

Irresistibly Remote!

The Power of Connection, One Online Meeting at a Time

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Irresistibly Remote! The Power of Connection, One Online Meeting at a Time

Time: 45-60 minutes

Suited to: C-suite, business leaders, marketing and business strategists, decision-makers, entrepreneurs 

Working remotely: many of us want it, but it’s just not that great. And being in online meetings all day is the worst. What if you felt true connection and belonging when working remotely? What if you loved it so much that you felt highly engaged in your work, collaborative with colleagues, and ultimately very happy and productive? But the problem is, when we get together online, in our Zoom and Teams type meetings, we make it a “less than” experience. We make it weird. 

But guess what? It’s not because we are online. The real problem lies within our own mindset and choices. 

 In this insightful and inspiring keynote, virtual training pioneer and bestselling ATD author Kassy LaBorie will show you how to stop making online such a dismal experience with strategies that are not only engaging for participants, but also easy for you to immediately implement! More importantly, you’ll learn the way to change your mindset and LOVE being online.

How can you make this a reality? You’ll have to come to Kassy’s keynote to find out!

“Engaging, fun, and gives you ideas that you can easily and immediately apply to make your virtual and even in-person training so much better.”

You'll be empowered to:

With the click of a button, you will be on your way to transforming your workplace!

Kassy LaBorie with audience

Meet Kassy LaBorie:

What if you felt true connection and belonging
when you were online?

Tech is cool, but people are cooler. The human experience is one of togetherness, and we have the ability to connect more than we ever have before—yet we are in the midst of a loneliness epidemic. Using technology, we have the opportunity today to impact one another on a global scale and truly connect with one another, including in professional settings. 

Almost everyday, I witness firsthand the power of connecting online, but often I also see people fail to use the tools effectively and walk away disappointed from online meetings.

I’ve worked with many Fortune 500 firms to empower their companies to create meaningful online workspaces in a wide range of industries and sectors, including hospitality, pharma, energy, government, NGOs, non-profits, and more.

When it comes down to it, I am a virtual classroom master trainer, meaning I specialize in developing trainers to be engaging and effective when facilitating programs in platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, and Adobe Connect.

I am proud to have been recognized as a bestselling author, to have spoken at hundreds of industry conferences, and to be the go-to resource for infusing human connection into the remote world. 

I KNOW that being online is certainly equal to, and in some cases, better than, being in-person! Let me show you, too.

“I’ve seen Kassy LaBorie present several times and I’m always in awe of her creativity and innovation. I bought this book because I need tools, games, and activities to get my participants off mute and engaged.”

—Cheryl P.

“Right on and current to concerns these days. [Kassy] gets it and I wish she had the ear of many organizational leaders at companies across the country who are questioning engagement if employees are remote.”

—Anonymous Audience Member

Get a sneak peek into Kassy's Keynote Speech

Kassy delivers an excerpt from her keynote Irresistibly Remote
at the book launch for Built to Finish, by Steven Pivnik, in NYC.

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Great discussion and interaction and highly relatable. Enjoyed every moment and excited to add this into my online trainings.

[Today] was engaging and fun. Very relatable for all of us who are spending so much of our days on Zoom.

Kassy’s generosity and kindness blew me away. This experience has reminded me of the power of positivity and connections.

Kassy was so inspiring. She captures your full attention and makes you feel that you want to play along!

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